Overseas Study Tour

Jiangsu-California International Education Center provides high-quality services

to high school and college students in numerous short-term study tour programs.

The programs are intended to help Chinese students

with their study and cross-culture experiences in the U.S.

Students will visit 4-5 highly ranked American universities

in California (UCLA and USC) and Massachusetts (Harvard and MIT).

Students will attend intensive English courses and seminars

to strengthen their comprehension and literacy.

Studying Abroad Service

JCIEC designs business trips to the U.S. for visitors from China.

Many of the visitors that we have hosted were not only able to learn from their counterparts and experts in the U.S. on various professional fields,
but they were also able to have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of American society and culture.

Foreign Teacher Recruitment
    Jiangsu-California International Education Center provides opportunities for American teachers and educators to teach English in China.

    We hire more than 50 teachers every year and operate in partnership with public schools in the Jiangsu province.

    We offer teachers a safe and stable career development plan and have more than 14 years of professional experience in recruiting foreign teachers.

    JCIEC offers flexible teaching hours to allow our teachers a significant amount of free time to experience China. During this period, we always support and assist our teachers by providing free accommodations and professional development resources (such as teacher training workshops) while they attain valuable teaching experience.
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International Forum for School Principals

It is designed to facilitate
communication and cooperation between individual schools,
to initiate international projects and activities, and
to improve educational and cultural understanding.
We are passionate about
promoting and establishing Sister School relationships
between schools in the Jiangsu Province of China and
schools in Southern California.
The meetings aim to promote
students’individual learning through
curriculum reform,
networking platforms,
enhanced culturalunderstanding,
and other methods
that requireinsight from all participants.
Teacher Training Abroad
Discover Jiangsu Cultural Immersion Program

Jiangsu-California International Education Center provides the opportunity for American students to experience Chinese education and culture.

This program is designed for American students who are interested in Chinese language and culture.

The program teaches students about Jiangsu educational philosophy and gives them a profound view into the essence of Chinese life.

In this program, both Chinese and American students develop long lasting friendships while gaining global awareness.

Students will take courses in Chinese painting, embroidery, tea ceremony, folk music, dance, clay, calligraphy, fencing, Tai Chi, and other subjects.

Students will also tour Jiangsu's cultural attractions, including the Suzhou gardens and Nanjing University.
Finally, students will interact with Chinese host families for an authentic Chinese experience.